About Us.

Hi I’m Sinead O Neill and I’m a business coach and mentor.

Sinead O’Neill – Founder, Sinead O’Neill Consulting

Having qualified through the ILI, an accredited ACSTH programme with the International Coach Federation, the longest established and most respected Coach and Coaching Accrediting Body in the world in 2015.

Since then , I have continued to add to my professional qualifications including team coaching, trainer, training development and delivery

I have extensive business experience, including being Associate Vice President with AIG Private Bank in Zurich, Switzerland for six years and having led the team behind Waterford’s Winterval Festival from its beginning in 2012 to 2017.

In my personal life, I have been on a self-confessed rollercoaster, but enjoy taking time to read, keep fit and spend time with my two teenage daughters.

I understand and am empathetic to the challenges faced by us all in trying to navigate through life, career, parenting and relationships. Life coaching offers a number of mechanisms to help deal with the obstacles that are holding us back or getting in the way of our success.

Coaching can help to plan and build strategies to create a better future.

with over 25 years experience in Senior Management roles including Associate Vice President of a Fortune 500 top 50 company, CEO of Winterval, Customer Service Manager, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager and Director of her own private limited company established in 2005. Having qualified as a business coach in 2015. Sinead has continued her own personal development in Team Coaching, Leadership, Mindset and Entrepreneurship. With
leadership and strategic thinking in her DNA, Sinead builds confidence and motivates individuals and organisations to take quantum leaps in their businesses.

Team Leadership, Business Coaching & Development and
Strategic Forward Thinking are key area’s of expertise.

Business Mentorship | Growth Strategy | Organizational Change

Welcome to Sinead O’Neill Consulting, where transformational leadership meets strategic innovation. I’m Sinead O’Neill, the heart and soul behind this consultancy, dedicated to empowering businesses and their leaders to navigate the complex landscapes of growth and change with confidence and strategic insight.

With a career spanning 30 years as the owner of our private limited company, a four year tenure as CEO, Associate Vice President with a Fortune 500 company, I’ve mastered the art of steering organizations through the ebbs and flows of business landscapes. My journey has been one of relentless pursuit of excellence, deeply rooted in the belief that effective change within organizations and teams is not just possible but imperative for sustained growth.

My expertise lies in strategic business planning and growth, underscored by a robust management background specializing in budget management, growth, leading, and supporting large teams. As a qualified coach in executive, team, and business contexts, I bring a holistic approach to mentorship, drawing from a broad spectrum of experiences across various business sectors.

My Philosophy

At the core of my consultancy practice is a fascination with the human aspect of business – the mindset of leaders and teams. I believe that the key to unlocking business potential lies in understanding and harnessing the power of our collective mindsets. This belief drives my approach to consultancy and mentorship, focusing on creating a culture of leadership and development that transcends traditional business metrics.

Megan is a Mindset Consultant

Health & Weight Management | 4 years experience